Hereafter Mail

A will for your estate; Hereafter Mail for the people in your life.

Why Hereafter Mail?


Why should I use Hereafter Mail when I can give the envelopes to my lawyer or a family member and have them mailed after I pass away?

Chances are that if you want something delivered after your death, it is very important to you or the recipient, or both. You can give the mail to someone else, but there is always the chance they will lose it, or forget to send it, or they might make a mistake and send it before you intended. They might get curious and read it themselves. If they think they know what you have written, they may decide on their own that it would be better not to send it, despite your wishes. You have none of these risks when you entrust your mail to us. You also have the ability to specify when your items will be mailed; perhaps years from now. Our business is built on our exceptional reliability.


Preparing Hereafter Mail can be uplifting for the sender

If you are terminally ill or facing imminent death, you are going through your own grieving process; one that involves a wealth of emotions and memories. Committing what you are feeling to writing, in cards and letters that will eventually be shared with the people in your life, provides an outlet that may well make you feel better during this difficult time. Getting things off your chest is cathartic, especially at a time like this. The poignancy of your words will help the recipients understand what you were feeling about them, quite possibly in ways that they never would have known otherwise.


Hereafter Mail isn't just for the elderly and terminally ill

Relatively young, healthy people may wish to keep Hereafter Mail accounts just in case anything unexpected happens to them. There are people in certain professions (active duty military, police, firemen, etc.) who live with increased risk and may wish to plan accordingly. People who are planning to undergo risky surgery or undertake dangerous activities may wish to establish a Hereafter Mail account as a contingency.


Obtaining closure is critically important emotionally

People who are facing the reality of their own deaths go through thought processes they never experienced at any other time of their lives. There is often an urgent desire to tie up loose ends. Sometimes there are confessions in order to leave a clear conscience. There may be a disclosure of secrets that you don’t want to take to the grave. There can be unfinished business that you want to complete. And especially, there may be expressions of love that may have been difficult to openly share before, or perhaps the time was never right, or you just aren’t the kind of person that feels comfortable saying “I always loved you”. But now, it feels like the most important thing in the world to let that other person know how you felt.


Recipients of Hereafter Mail won't ever forget it

There are few things in life more powerful, memorable, and moving than receiving a personal card or letter from someone who has passed away. It is both overwhelming and comforting for the recipient to know they meant enough to you that you wanted to share those final thoughts with them. The impact of your words is multiplied by the circumstances. Your card or letter will become a most treasured and tangible remembrance for the person who received it.


We take security very seriously

We understand that the cards and letters you entrust us with are extremely personal and often contain sensitive information that you would not want to disclose prematurely. We have multiple safeguards in place to ensure that your mail cannot be released prior to your death. We take this responsibility to act in accordance with your instructions and safeguard your privacy with the utmost seriousness. Our clients’ trust in our reliability is the foundation of our business and we protect it at all costs.


We make Hereafter Mail convenient, affordable, and worry-free

Your registration fee covers as much mail as you can fit into the Mail Pack we provide.  You have the flexibility to specify when you want each piece of mail sent, or you can elect to have it sent shortly after we are notified of your death.  In either case, once you send us your Mail Pack, there is nothing else you need to do.  There are no renewals or additional fees to worry about, unless you elect to make changes to your account later.