Hereafter Mail

A will for your estate; Hereafter Mail for the people in your life.

Terms of Service

 By sending the completed Mail Pack to Hereafter Mail, Client agrees to the following:


1) Hereafter Mail will:

 a) Provide secure storage of Client’s mail while it is in our possession.

 b) Upon the request of Client or Client’s designated representative, change the mailing address on, or dispose of mail in Client’s account addressed to one or more addressees, at no charge.

 c) Require at least two sources verifying Client’s death before releasing any of Client’s mail.

 d) Release Client’s mail to be delivered on or about the dates specified in Client’s written instructions; or in the absence of specified dates, as soon as possible after verification of Client’s death.

 e) Do periodic independent checks to detect client deaths, and release Client’s mail per their instructions upon verification of Client’s death, regardless of whether the Notification Letter was sent to us.

 f) Refund 50% of the account fee if Client chooses not to use our service after signing up and before sending in their filled Mail Pack. Alternatively, unused accounts can also be transferred to another client at no additional charge.


2) Hereafter Mail won’t:

 a) Share Client’s personal information with any third party.

 b) Release Client’s mail to anyone without prior authorization from Client or Client’s designated representative; except under a legally valid subpoena or search warrant.

 c) Release Client’s mail prematurely.

 d) Contact Client after receipt of their Mail Pack, unless Client has expressly authorized us to do so. (This is to maintain confidentiality should the Client prefer not to disclose the existence of their account.)

 e) Open Client’s mail under any circumstances, unless Client or Client’s designated representative expressly instructs us in writing to do so.


3) Client or his/her designated representative:

 a) Accepts full responsibility and any liability for contents of mail.

 b) Agrees to comply with all applicable Federal and State laws and U.S. Postal Service regulations, including but not limited to prohibitions on mailing dangerous or illegal materials.

 c) Will properly address and affix postage to each piece of mail in the form of U.S. Postal Service Forever stamps.

 d) Will pay the postage to send the filled Mail Pack to us.

 e) Authorizes Hereafter Mail to store the contents of Client’s Mail Pack, and to release the contents of the Mail Pack only as instructed by the Client or Client’s designated representative.

 f) Will pay postage and handling in the event Client requests the return of their Mail Pack at any time in the future.


4) Limitation of Liability:

 a) To the extent permitted by law, Client agrees to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Hereafter Mail, its officers, directors, agents, and employees from and against any and all claims, suits, liens, judgments, damages, losses, and expenses including reasonable legal fees and costs arising in whole or in part and in any manner from acts, omissions, breach, or default, in connection with performance of any work by Hereafter Mail, its officers, directors, agents, employees, and subcontractors.

 b) Hereafter Mail’s liability for performance under the terms of this agreement is limited to compensation in the amount of twice the fee paid by Client.

 c) Hereafter Mail expressly assumes no liability associated with the contents of Client’s mail or any claims made by recipients of Client’s mail.


 This document constitutes the full agreement between Client and Hereafter Mail.