Hereafter Mail

A will for your estate; Hereafter Mail for the people in your life.


Many of our clients are terminally ill.  Typically these folks are under the care of a loved one or a professional caregiver.  Besides taking care of the physical necessities and making the person comfortable, one of the many challenges loved ones and caregivers face is helping the person make the best of their remaining time.  Physical comfort is one thing; emotional well being is another thing entirely, and it may well be much more difficult to achieve.  Quite often it is the loved one or caregiver who suggests Hereafter Mail as a means of productively filling time, getting the person's mind on something other than their illness, and providing an important emotional outlet. Below is some excellent information compiled from various sources on the subject of comforting activities for the terminally ill: - Discusses creativity at the end of life. - Well thought out article on activities for the dying. - Recommended activities for the dying resident of a hospice or assisted living facility. - Excellent article about looking back and documenting a person's life. - Activities for the dying. - Ideas for helping with comfort and care, both physical and emotional.