Hereafter Mail

A will for your estate; Hereafter Mail for the people in your life.

Changes to Existing Accounts

There are several reasons that you may need to contact us regarding your account:

The chart below shows the changes that can be made to the mail in your account, and the fees (if any): 



I’ve decided I do not want you to send any of the mail in my account after my death and want it all disposed of.

No charge.

I want all or some of the items in my mail account returned to me.

Client pays postage and handling.

I want to change the mailing address on everything in my mail file addressed to a certain person; or I want everything addressed to that person removed and disposed of.

No charge.

I want everything in my account sent back to me so I can go through it, and then I want to send some of it back to you, perhaps with some additional mail.

Client pays postage and handling to have account contents returned. Anything you send back to us requires a new Mail Pack and has to be reprocessed, so is there is a $30 fee. 

I want to send additional items to include in my mail account.

No charge. 


I received my Mail Pack but decided not to use it.   Can I get a refund?

We will refund 50% of the purchase price, or you can transfer the account to someone else at no additional charge.



The best way to make a change to your Hereafter Mail account is by sending an e-mail to  Please include the following information:

We will reply with a confirming e-mail, unless you indicated on your Client Information Form that you do not want to be contacted regarding your account.

If there is a question about your account, and you specified that you are not to be contacted, we will post your account number on the Client Alerts page and wait for you to contact us.