Hereafter Mail

A will for your estate; Hereafter Mail for the people in your life.

Hereafter Mail Account - SPECIAL HOLIDAY PRICE

Includes secure storage and future delivery of as much mail as your expandable 10" x 13" x 1.5" Mail Pack will hold. No renewal fees or hidden costs. Regularly $79.

$ 69.00


Death is an inevitable part of life. People routinely prepare wills, sign up to become organ donors, and make advance burial arrangements. Those things are important, but for most people facing death, bringing appropriate closure to the personal relationships accumulated over a lifetime matters more than anything else.

Depending on individual circumstances, you may or may not have the ability, opportunity, and willingness to say what you want to say to others in advance of your passing away. You likely have a will that conveys the instructions for your estate but there is often no good way to memorialize all those things you want to say to the people whose lives you shared.

Hereafter Mail is a service that allows you to write letters, cards, etc. to those people, have them securely stored, and then delivered to the recipients after your death. You can have these items sent immediately after your death, or you can specify delivery on birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, or other meaningful dates up to 10 years in the future.

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